NNNN .com domains are appreciating in price over the past 24 months.

(NNNN means – number, number, number, number.  ie, 8664.com)

There are only 9,999 possible domains available.  Most are now in private hands.  And, the price of available NNNN domains is rising quickly.

Very few are available at a low $ x,xxx. price.  So, we wanted to alert you of  the following domains for sale.

(sold).com and (sold).com are for sale on SOLD.




Update –
Both domains sold quickly – $ x,xxx. each.

3 Comments on NNNN .com domains are hot

  1. Yang Wei says:

    my bid is $550 each

  2. heng says:

    Two domain names with price how much? I want to buy, my email is: mcme

  3. Chen says:

    an awesome domain.