Toby Clements is brokering for $ 895,000.

He is also brokering the premium domain –  Considering that Icann might be authorizing a new gtld (.nyc) within the next 2 years, should be more valuable in the future.

Mr. Clements is a well known broker of domains.  He publishes a list of premium domains for sale 3 to 4 times a week.  The range of prices is between $ 500. to $ 895,000.  His success rate is unknown.

If interested in any of these domains, please contact Toby at




Domain Price Seller $895,000 VanArnem $150,000 Loscocco? $49,000 Giannakos $8,000 Loscocco $4,500 Vines $4,000 Martin $3,000 Martin $3,000 Martin $2,350 ? $750 Slaney


2 Comments on Money for sale

  1. Hans says:

    Doesn’t Clements work with a 30-45 day contract?
    Higher priced domains can take time to sell.
    Will buyers bypass broker after 30 days?

  2. TonyEU says:

    can they sale anything? he waste my time. I sale more at sedo.