2 domains caught my attention today on DNForum.   Domains of this quality would sell for much more on the auction sites (Pool, Namejet, Sedo, Snapnames).  And, enduser value would be mid to high $ x,xxx. 

MAL.net – DNForum   (Mal means bad in french)  $ 1,200.

HMB.net – DNForum (popular body building supplement) sold

Disclaimer – we do not own the domains nor were we asked to mention them.


4 Comments on MAL.net & HMB.net for sale on DNForum

  1. dnf says:

    u need to mark hmb sold.

  2. Blue says:

    Cool Content…

  3. Paya says:

    Did they sell?

  4. Business says:

    you just gained a new reader.