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This domain broker has been selling premium domains long before many of the other brokers were in the business.  
Many domainers may not know him.  But,  every oldtimer, inner circle and major domain owner does.  And, they consider him a good friend.
He was one of the first brokers to advertise outside the domain category.  He primarily focuses on endusers.    And, he prefers not to boast about his accomplishments.    
He had a number of successful brokered sales this year.  Most contained ‘non-disclosure agreements’ which is standard procedure with transactions with end-user buyers.  And, has another one closing this week. (congratulations)
If you have a premium domain you wish to sell, you might want to contact him.  Please  don’t waste your time and his trying to sell a mediocre domain at a premium price. 
If you are attending the Traffic Conference in Miami this coming weekend which is the premier domain meeting of this year, you might want to schedule a meeting with Kevin Leto.  He is a straight shooter and will tell you if he can move your domain or not.  
Big Ticket Domains.      Kevin (at) BigTicketDomains.com

2 Comments on Domain broker sometimes overlooked by domain owners but not by buyers

  1. Niran O says:

    I own a number of domains. Will you mention some of them on your blog?

  2. Great Guy says:

    Met him at a meeting. Nice guy