Earlier today, I noticed a number of bids on DNForum for zvy.com and xz.org. 

3 letter .com and 2 letter .org domains are valuable.  But, why pay the standard market price for a 3 letter .com like zvy.com when it doesn’t contain one good letter.  The underlying value for 3 letter .com domain  for a domainer is knowing a possible enduser will have a use for it.  Who could possibly use zvy?  Checking the different acronym databases, no uses turned up which is unusual.

Furthermore, 2 letter .org domains are rare.  And, possibly an organization might have a use for the letter ‘x’.   But, who could use xz.org?  The Ex Zen Assn?

In the same sales section of  DNForum, one could buy a premium 3 letter .com for a few more thousand (dollars) than the cost of zvy.com.  Knowing there is an instant market for the domain.

I suspect the possible buyer of zvy.com and xz.org is gambling.  Unfortunately, hoping there is a bigger fool down the road.

The seller of the domains purchased the domains recently.  They were purchased in the range of $ 2,500. each.  And, he plans to flip these low value domains for a quick profit. 

Add’l facts – zvy.com sold today.  As an educated guess, the domain sold in the range of $ 5,000.+. 


2 Comments on Sometimes we get caught up in the excitement of an auction

  1. Tony says:

    What a waste of money. There are so many other great domains available at great prices. Why throw it away on trash?

  2. buyer in taiwan says:

    very true