Afternic sold,, and in the past 14 days. This is only a partial list.  A more thorough list will be posted shortly. $35,000 $28,000 $27,000 $25,000 $24,500 $20,000 $13,000 $12,000 $10,000

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Namejet continues to be one of the favorite auction sites for domain name purchases at wholesale pricing. The exception to wholesale purchase was for $ 555,650. was auctioned a few weeks after was rolled out. $555,650 $60,000 $33,700 $27,100 $26,100 $24,999 $23,000 $20,099 $17,700 […]

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Here are a few Afternic domain sales this past week.   I rarely question if Frank sold a particular domain cheap.  If anything, just the opposite.   I’m impressed how well he maximizes his ROI.   But, I think was sold too cheap.   Very popular first name.  And, a frequently searched name.   Plus, Afternic’s regular sale […]

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