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So, we thought we would give our readers a quick overview of the meaning of numbers in the Chinese society.


Numbers for centuries have played an important role in the Chinese culture.

Numbers are part of the daily decision making and activities in the life of the Chinese.    Having or using the best numbers is necessary such as –  phone numbers, license plates, apartment  numbers and floors,  street addresses,  dates for important ceremonies, dates for grand opening of a business  and also Feng Shui.

Here is a brief list for reference.

1 – considered a good number.  Has complex meanings especially with other numbers.   It is considered in the same mindset as westerners.   #1.  First place – winner.

2 – considered a good number.  The repeating of numbers means double happiness.  (99)  Items may be purchased in pairs or displayed in pairs for good luck.

3 –  is considered a lucky number.  Related to such topics as ‘birth’.


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4 – is considered a bad or unlucky number.  Related to death.

5 – is sometimes considered negative.  Related to unhappiness.

6 – is considered a good number.  Related to wealth, good business.

7 – is considered the best lucky number.  Related to relationships,  life essence.

8 – is considered an excellent number.  Related to prosperity, wealth, happiness, social status.  More 8’s in the number is even better.  (888)  Date of Olympics in Beijing 08-08-08

9 – is considered a good number.  Related to harmony.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of positioning objects and buildings in harmony with nature to ensure good fortune.

The meaning of the Feng Shui numbers –

0 – void, nothingness, potential.

1 – means frequent trips and fluctuations in fortune throughout the year, unobstructed flow of energy, new beginnings

2 –  denotes  illness, sadness, depression, balance, choice, cooperation

3 – leads to quarrels, law suits, financial loss, conflicts, robbery, creativity, family, self-expression

4 –  is conductive to success in studying, examinations and promotions, interpersonal relationships, competitions and elections,  stability, grounding, security

5 –  symbolizes disaster, illness, bad health, traffic accidents, surgery, divorce,    bankruptcy; change, resourcefulness, adventure

6 – represents authority and power, calm, patience

7 –  is neutral and depends on prevailing dominant star, contemplation, self-evaluation, solitude

8 –  connotes prospects, wealth, good for everything, infinity, abundance, success in business

9 – signifies marriage, romance, and giving birth. highest number, accomplishment, attainment


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