Editor on August 20th, 2014

3 letter .com domains remain the best  domains to own for its liquidity. Namejet sold the following domains between Aug 11th and 20th. Here are the top 30 sellers.  Plus, a list of great buys. ingles.com $49,899 8/15/2014 COA.com $30,100 8/12/2014 CFF.com $30,100 8/11/2014 CashToday.com $26,955 8/12/2014 Cash.org $15,099 8/12/2014 Dot.org $14,899 8/15/2014 LiveSpace.com $11,121 8/18/2014   […]

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Editor on August 10th, 2014

The quality of domains auctioned this weekend on Namejet were lesser quality than normal.   However, there were some exact buys (like JOU.org & Turnpike.org).  But, I’ll let you be the judge. Top 15 sales on Namejet this weekend.  (8-9-14 and 8-10-14)   pk9.com $7,700 8/10/2014 belin.com $4,000 8/10/2014 gamefest.com $2,600 8/10/2014 fajin.com $2,100 8/10/2014 realtos.com $1,015 […]

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Here are the top 10 domain sales today (8-8-14) on Namejet. This is the second time iBud.com was auctioned this week.  (rarely does that happen)   TaxAccounting.com $6,300 8/8/2014 iBud.com $5,099 8/8/2014 AmSeed.com $1,520 8/8/2014 HotelZimmer.com $1,303 8/8/2014   (Complete list on the following page)

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  Considering all of the gTLDs being floated, 3 letter .com’s remain the top sellers (day in and day out). And, the prices are starting to climb again.   Here are the top 25 domains sold on Namejet for the past 4 days.  (Aug 4th thru Aug 8th)   LEA.com $60,100 8/7/2014 ELL.com $31,900 8/5/2014 […]

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Some of the best deals on Namejet happen  on weekends.  Some of the best deals were iBud.com, ExclusiveProperty.com and Valda.com Also, a number of NNNNN .com domains were auctioned off on Saturday and Sunday.   Since, there were so many, I suspect they would have been sold at a higher bid if there was not so […]

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Editor on August 1st, 2014

Very active bidding today on Namejet for YIM.com, and Tx.org. Here are the top 10 domain sales today on Namejet.  (Aug. 1st) Plus, some were nice bargains like Brittany.net ShuttersDirect.com   YIM.com $17,300 8/1/2014 TX.org $12,105 8/1/2014 GreenRepublic.com $2,500 8/1/2014 ShuttersDirect.com $1,244 8/1/2014 DynamicDesign.com $1,100 8/1/2014 Brickers.com $781 8/1/2014 MBIO.com $760 8/1/2014 AspenVacation.com $550 8/1/2014 […]

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