MediaOptions is promoting the following domains. SoftwareRetail.com $15,000 OrthopaedicSurgeon.com $12,500 iOrder.com $12,000 CaratDiamond.com $10,000 CellularPayments.com $10,000 NewSmartphone.com $10,000 InkStamps.com $6,500 SafePC.com $4,000 HotHit.com $3,800 BroadbandCard.com $2,500 Admission.info $2,000 TeachingTube.com $1,500 TH4.com $1,000 It appears that some are also available through Sedo.  

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Editor on February 3rd, 2012

The following domains are being brokered by NameConnect.com CorporateLawyer.org   $5,000   UNP.com   $18,000 ToyAnimals.com   $4,000   WallStreet.org   $50,000 MotivationalQuotes.org   $10,000 HowYouBeen.com   $500  BahamaIslands.com   $6,500 BlogAlerts.com   $800   Mugs.org   $5,000  Mufflers.org   $5,000 OUB.com   $14,000   Buco.com   $4,500    If interested in any of the above domains, contact John Daly at NameConnect.  John@NameConnect.com

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Editor on December 4th, 2011

How did we let this Birthday slip by without any fanfare? Namejet’s first day of operation was 4 yrs and 2 months ago.   October 5, 2007. Namejet was 4 years old in October.   It’s amazing how quickly they grow up.  

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Editor on August 16th, 2011

This evening Trafficz notified domain owners that Yahoo does not want non-prime tld domains. I’m sure this will push more domainers towards Google.  And, will make Yahoo/Bing less important with the domain community. They are doing this to  reduce click fraud.   They imply the majority of the click fraud is from keywords in .info, .biz, .us and .co.    We speculate Parked.com […]

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Editor on August 16th, 2011

A seller on DNForum attempted to sell WJM.net for $ 369. which is far below its wholesale value.   And, the same seller also sold JTM.com to the same professional domainer named Oliver Hoger in Portugal.  Fortunately, a number of alert members on DNForum determined the domains were stolen and notified DNForum management and also the buyer.   The […]

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Editor on August 16th, 2011

 Beckstrom is leaving Icann in July, 2012 when his employment contract expires.   It is speculated he will become involved in the new gTLDs.    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  August 16, 2011  BECKSTROM TO LEAVE ICANN AT END OF HIS TERM  Rod Beckstrom will continue to fulfill his term as ICANN’s President and CEO, which will be […]

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Editor on August 14th, 2011

The Traffic conference has always been the premier domain meeting in the industry.   If you plan to attend (which I suggest you do), I would recommend  making a hotel reservation today.   If you are not able to get a room, I would suggest you contact Rick Schwartz or Howard Neu for their assistance. More information is […]

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Domainfest is having a ‘get together’ in NYC on August 23, 2011 from 7pm to 10pm. More information is available on the Domain Meeting website.  

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Editor on May 6th, 2011

The auction site  BIDO  top 30 domain sales this year. Domain Closing Price Bids Auction End carbrakes.com $6,945 20 4/20/2011 brandingstrategy.com $3,823 25 4/13/2011 deposit.org $2,100 7 4/13/2011 overvalued.com $1,855 3 2/16/2011 consolidatebills.net $1,138 44 2/14/2011

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DNN is reporting that the Domain Madness auction was successful after the first attempt last week failed due to server overload. It is reported the following domains sold  (partial list) – Ocean.com $ 100,000. Irons.com $ 38,000. Ocean.net $ 5,000. It is also reported that FamilyVacation.com sold but the price was not announced at the request of […]

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