domainer pondering the best sales platform

Here is a clear example of the price difference when you have a large quantity of active buyers interested in a domain. 

2 weeks ago, was offered on the domain forums .  Over a period of 10 days, the highest offer was $ 700.   The lowest offer was $ 100.  from a well known domainer – Oliver Hoger.     The seller decided to sell it through the domain brokerage site – Sedo.   

Last week, sold on Sedo for $ 4,000.   The payment has been received by Sedo but the whois has not changed as of today.

Congratulations to the seller – Michael Belair.



1 Comment on The difference between selling a domain on the forums or Sedo

  1. jose says:

    sure. i have sold domains on sedo for bargains on auctions at SEDO that were latter on sold on other platforms less known for double BIN values. it is what it is.