In October, Toby Clements announced a contest.  One buyer and one seller would receive $ 1,000. each. 

When a company runs a contest, they always state who won at the end of the contest. 

 So, who were the winners?



 (Toby Clements announcement – October, 2011)


Today, I want to announce a monthly bonus for October:

If you buy or sell a name with us for the entire month of October, your name will be put on a list. At the end of the month, I will pick two people (one buyer and one seller). The winners will each get their pick of either a $1,000 store credit with (for future domain deals) or a $1,000 Gift Card to the store of their choice. With all of the domains we have and all of the holiday’s coming up, either prize is a true winner.

The rules are simple:

– Every purchase and/or sale qualifies you Regardless of price! (that’s right, a $500 domain purchase gives you a shot at $1,000!)
– Each domain deal this month gets you an entry.
– Multiple domains on one deal is still One Entry.
– No discounted commission deals qualify.
– All decisions made by me are final.

All this being said, if you have submissions, please get them over to us at Submissions [at]

If you are thinking about buying a name, this is a great month to get a bonus for doing it.

Best of luck to all of you and we will announce the winner in November.

Toby Clements

6 Comments on Who won Toby Clement’s $ 1,000. bonus?

  1. Patel says:

    I forgot about the bonus.
    Maybe that is what he wanted?
    Maybe no one met the requirements?

  2. Wood says:

    thats good infroatmoin.

  3. Kathy Aubrey says:

    Many thanks for the information I got from this site.

  4. Hans says:

    I bet Clements never paid any bonus.

  5. Modesto Massey says:

    Not me !

  6. buyer in taiwan says: