Many times the weekends are quieter on Namejet than weekdays.  However, a few nice domains sold this weekend with active bidding.   Top 20 domains sold on Namejet for July 19th (sat.) and 20th (sun.)   twobulls.com $5,724 7/20/2014 halsa.com $3,689 7/20/2014 entrench.com $2,011 7/19/2014 webmascon.com $1,641 7/20/2014 pharmapoint.com $1,512 7/19/2014 kmsc.com $1,499 7/19/2014 farmworkers.org $1,011 7/20/2014 […]

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Editor on July 18th, 2014

Very active bidding on Namejet today on a few particular domains. The top 10 domains purchased today. The bidding on a few of them dragged on for a long period of time. Such as – BigDeals.com , FGW.com , WeddingSupplies.com, eMeetings.com,  YelllowPages.com & VirtualIndentity.com   BigDeals.com $36,100 7/18/2014 FGW.com $20,600 7/18/2014 StudyWeb.com $7,012 7/18/2014 WeddingSupplies.com $5,200 […]

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Namejet continues to move some great domains.  Here are the top 20 sales on Namejet between July 15th (tues.) through 17th (thurs).    partyideas.com $20,101 7/17/2014 chimneysweep.com $14,544 7/17/2014 homelearning.com $7,001 7/17/2014 hg5533.com $3,501 7/15/2014 vip7.com $3,000 7/17/2014 hg5522.com $2,600 7/15/2014 clearwaterhotels.com $2,100 7/15/2014 sarasotahotels.com $2,001 7/17/2014 876876.com $1,928 7/17/2014 flagstaffhotels.com $1,850 7/17/2014 clickcompare.com $1,800 7/17/2014 […]

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Numerical domains are the new, hot item.   It use to be that only NNN and NNNN .com domains sold for more than ‘reg’ cost. But, in the past couple years, just about any numerical .com domain sells between $xxx to $xx,xxx  NFA.org was the super buy of the day.   Here are the top 9 selling […]

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Some great bargains on Namejet over the past couple days.  For example –  JWN.org $ 475.,  GCW.org $ 470. and  JKT.org $ 207.   Top 20 sellers on Namejet between July 9th through 12th.   UMD.com $20,199 7/11/2014 Joanns.com $11,055 7/11/2014 elheraldo.com $7,553 7/12/2014 USAid.com $5,200 7/11/2014 Evid.com $4,922 7/9/2014 Recharger.com $3,600 7/12/2014 TurboTech.com $2,524 […]

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Editor on July 8th, 2014

Gains for the top selling item at Namejet today. Top selling domains on Namejet today – 7-8-14. CEP.org was a great purchase.   Gains.com  $  25,500 IDBM.com  $    1,009 BeatThat.com  $       812 CEP.org  $       787 Colora.com  $       687   Top 15 domain sales on Namejet from July 1st thru the 8th. (next page)

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Sedo sold $ 2.4 mil. domains last week including Satoshi.com for $ 75k.  Satoshi is a popular Japanese first name. 45% of the domains were purchased by ‘Buy Now’ pricing. Some of the more notable 3 letter purchases were CIN.com, UHW.com, SVJ.com, TXF.com, and RXI.com Not sure what to make of the purchases of AmericanPervert.com and MrPervert.com Domains Date […]

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Editor on July 8th, 2014

CountryStore.com sells for $ 16,399 on Namejet on 7-7-14.  CountryStore.com is truly a domain one could build a business around.   It is a ‘natural’ for a gift or houseware store chain to use. The domain is easily worth a high 5 figures price.   As a developed website/business, it is easily a six figure domain.

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This was a holiday weekend (fourth of July) which many people made  into a very long weekend (and week).   Therefore, the bidding activity was very light for the past couple days on Namejet. When bidding is light, bargains are plentiful.  For example,  CBR.org, iv4.com and Ammo.org. Here are the top 10 sales on Namejet for […]

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Editor on July 6th, 2014

People occasionally ask me “how many of the Namejet auctions do not meet the Reserve Price?” I normally do not take notice but here are 242 domains that did not meet reserve on Namejet for June, 2014.   01393.com Reserve Not Met 6/5/2014 01514.com Reserve Not Met 6/30/2014 03017.com Reserve Not Met 6/26/2014 03029.com Reserve Not Met […]

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