Domains keep selling even though you might be on vacation.

Here are some of the domains auctioned off in the past couple days.


Domain Price Bidder name $8,306.00 yiming $2,120.00 bmsmokes  $2,522.00 piety  $1,600.00 hellofriend  $1,701.00 marta  $1,503.00 dummyfrog  $1,508.00 guest  $2,600.00 domainbank  $1,200.00 joohhnn  $1,107.00 jbanks27  $4,100.00 latarioni  $4,600.00 bidderonfire  $5,000.00 goldmine  $5,198.00 bidderonfire  $5,100.00 hengzhong  $7,000.00 bidderonfire  $5,266.00 homer  $2,745.00 bertremus  $14,000.00 distlej  $1,601.00 lkjhgfdsa  $68,100.00 sarabed  $4,210.00 domainbank

Occasionally, bidders do not pay so the domains will be re-auctioned.  It is unknown at this time if the above domains have been paid.

Check for completed transactions.  They post the weekly sales on wednesday.



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  1. TonyEU says:

    HammockChair sounds cheap

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